Pay Your Price Commission

2014-08-01 04:24:57 by LonPi

While the main commission is under renovation. This is for alternatives interested.
I've recently read some article about a hotel/ restaurant. Trying out the system with commissions.
Artworks will depend on present progress, mainly shown on recent features in the gallery.
This is kind of a survey I'm carrying out for personal curiosity.


Pay Your Price

PM me the character of choice with references + price of choice (zeros' are accepted)
Deny and Accept of work is still applied. Will be replied with either, before payment is sent.
Payments are made via PayPal.

LonPi Enters

2014-06-11 12:19:05 by LonPi

So I've decided to change my pen name from XaVarK to


I'm a hobbyist in illustration since 2010, so I may be lacking years of experience to provide proper advise or critiques.
The rapid improvement in 3 years (now since 2010) was greatly thanks to my friends in school whom inspired me into the artist world. I enjoy listening to MMO BGM/ OST of calm/ joyful/ fantasy-ish settings as I work on my artworks, so suggestions are welcome, including games.

Also, very interested in the art section of NG (illustrations/ music/ etc)
If interested, come talk to me. Add as friend (with msg) so we can explore together lol

o u o /


2013-12-11 14:07:40 by LonPi


I'm XaVarK from dA, and now also, XaVarK on NG!!

I got suggested to NG and which to my surprise, did not know about the art section of NG.

Used to play games on NG so I'm like woah!! xD

Nice to meet y'all and hope you'll enjoy browsing through my works.