LonPi Enters

2014-06-11 12:19:05 by LonPi

So I've decided to change my pen name from XaVarK to


I'm a hobbyist in illustration since 2010, so I may be lacking years of experience to provide proper advise or critiques.
The rapid improvement in 3 years (now since 2010) was greatly thanks to my friends in school whom inspired me into the artist world. I enjoy listening to MMO BGM/ OST of calm/ joyful/ fantasy-ish settings as I work on my artworks, so suggestions are welcome, including games.

Also, very interested in the art section of NG (illustrations/ music/ etc)
If interested, come talk to me. Add as friend (with msg) so we can explore together lol

o u o /


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2014-06-14 10:46:09

I like your colors :)

LonPi responds:

thank you ^^